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Servicing your car is a vital task in keeping it running well and reliable. At Skuzzle Motorsport we offer a service by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Attention to detail is key to a happy customer and a happy car, and is essential for high performance cars.

What your service should include:

As a bare minimum an oil and filter change is required frequently. Some suggest yearly, but we feel this is not often enough. An oil change every 3-6000 miles is a good idea to keep the engine in tip top condition. For a track car, an oil and filter change is advisable much more frequently. Some extreme cases, every 3 hours of use.

Other fluids are changed on request, though with larger intervals. i.e. gearbox and differential oils will last several years under road conditions, several hours when pushed under race conditions.

Antifreeze levels are tested and topped up to ensure the car will survive the winter.

Once the heart of the car has been treated with its fresh fluids we will proceed to check it runs as it should. Idle speeds and ignition timing are checked and adjusted if necessary to make sure the car feels as lively and responsive as intended.

Care is then taken to check over the rest of the mechanics. Suspension, wheel bearings, exhausts, bushes, brakes etc are all looked over and any issues will be pointed out to the customer with our recommendations.

The body work, shell and chassis are inspected for corrosion and damage, again with advice offered if anything requires treating.

Drain holes are cleared out. This is a vital part of the service. If the drain holes are blocked, the car will rust from the inside out.

Finally the windows and all hinge/lock mechanisms are cleaned and lubricated, screen wash topped up and the car ready for fun.

Servicing prices start from: £90 depending on make, model and service required.