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Skuzzle Motorsport have been tuning MX5's since 2000. In this time we have gained experience in several mappable ECU's including MegaSquirt EFI, Emerald, E-Manage to name a few.

In May 2012, we took the plunge and placed a deposit on our very own 2wd rolling road dyno. When enquiring, we found that most dyno manufacturers stated their dyno to be within 10% of a Dyno Dynamics... so we bought from Dyno Dynamics. What this has resulted in is Skuzzle Motorsport owning a dyno known as the Heart Breaker... The Dynotec by Dyno Dynamics. Well Known for being about the most accurate dyno on the market today, though with this accuracy, often it gives lower performance figures than other manufacturers dynos.

*Now providing EcuTek mapping of MK3 NC and MK4 ND Mazda MX5* -More details here

Feel free to contact us about mapping all makes and models.