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Skuzzle Motorsport are now very proud to offer EcuTek remapping of all Mazda MX5's from 2005 onwards, aka the MK3 or NC.

What can EcuTek mapping do for you?

The EcuTek tools which we have purchased allow Skuzzle Motorsport full access to the original engine management system. We are able to access and modify every parameter within the computer to improve upon Mazda's original design.

Possible improvements include:

  • Increased fuel economy
  • Better performance
  • Improved throttle response
  • Lower emissions

How can we improve on Mazda's design?

When a car is mass produced, the engine management system is designed to work with every car that comes out of the factory. There are minute engine differences due to machining tolerances, but more importantly, the original design is intended to work in several different markets where fuel qualities and atmospheric conditions are vastly different. With this in mind, Mazda will have produced an engine management solution which will be reliable in all of the circumstances and which will provide the same performance throughout.

This is where the EcuTek remap comes in. At Skuzzle Motorsport, we are able to use our experience, our rolling road dyno and the EcuTek tools provided to fine tune your ECU to your car, your driving style and your circumstances. In the case of most of our customers in the UK, petrol is a minimum of 95RON. The orignal design would allow the car to run safely on 90RON. As we can not get fuel of this low standard in the UK, we can remove some of the margin here and get good gains.

How can we improve performance and economy at the same time?

The answer is relatively simple. Modern ECU's use a three dimensional map of data. This is broken down to an X and Y axis of engine load over RPM. What this means is that the car, whilst maintaining a steady speed, will be using a different part of the map than it would at full throttle, so we are able to tune both areas differently. Full throttle can be mapped for maximum power and torque, whilst a steady speed can be tuned for maximum efficiency and emissions all within the same map.

Is this safe for the car?

Yes! Remapping is completely safe when performed by an experienced tuner such as Skuzzle Motorsport. Whilst tuning, many parameters of the engine are datalogged, including AFR, EGT, Knock and IAT to ensure that your tune is optimised for your car. Each remap undergoes several hours of road and dyno testing to ensure that our product is 100% safe and fully optimised.

Why choose Skuzzle Motorsport and the EcuTek Remap?

Unlike many other tuning solutions, EcuTek allows the car to retain all of its original safety features. This includes all of the usual engine management warning lights and fault codes and fail safe maps. What this means is that when a critical engine sensor fails, the ECU will default to a safe map to get you safely to a garage without causing further engine damage, and a warning light will illuminate on the dashboard to alert you to any malfunction.

Many other options in the market do not retain the original fail safe functions which means that if you have a failure in the engine, you will not be aware of it until it is too late.

Skuzzle Motorsport have been working with Mazda MX5's and engine management for over 10 years and our experience and equipment is second to none in this field. We have an extremely good reputation within the MX5 owners community, both on the internet and through country wide shows and motorsport. You will not find anyone else out there who understands the MX5 as well as we do.

Other EcuTek Benefits:

Our EcuTek tools allow Skuzzle Motorsport to setup your Mazda in many ways which were previously not possible and which are still not possible with any other system. This includes setting up the car with forced induction (turbo, supercharger). We will also be able to offer EcuTek's RaceROM as soon as the MX5 RaceROM is made available to tuners.

Features of the RaceROM could include:

  • Launch control
  • Table Switching
  • Auto throttle blip on downshifts
  • Flat shifting
  • Shift light (using a light already available on your dashboard)
  • Flex Fuel
  • Per gear rev limits

Price guide for EcuTek remap:

First Session including Flash license (Required for your first mapping session from EcuTek to access your ECU) - from £480

Further mapping sessions - from £80ph

Feel free to contact us about mapping all makes and models.