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Skuzzle Motorsport Ltd have a brand new Dynotech Dyno by Dyno Dynamics. This equipment has cost over £40,000 and is the heart of Skuzzle Motorsport.

The rolling road dyno is available for tuning during the week and club dyno shootout days at the weekend.

Dyno prices start at:

  • £45+vat for a power run
  • £300+vat for half a day mapping
  • All other dyno work charged at £80ph unless stated

Club shootout days are discounted from the usual £45 depending upon numbers to as low as £25 each for 25 cars. To be considered for a club discount, you will need 10 or more cars on the dyno.

We also offer un-assisted dyno time at £50ph for those who would like to run in new engines, set up carbs etc, but to be eligible for this you must first be shown how to operate the rolling road software and prove that you can do so correctly.