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At Skuzzle Motorsport we understand the importance of looking after not only the paintwork, but also the underside of the car. Corrosion can compromise the structural integrity of your cherished car. Luckily, we have some methods to combat this corrosion.


The art of applying a moisture resistant barrier to the underside of the car. Our product of choice is Waxoil. As the name suggests, it is a mix of wax and oil, which can be sprayed on to the underbody. This coating will last up to 10 years, although we recommend retreating bi-annually.

To do this job properly, the underbody must be thoroughly cleaned and dry. Arch liners and undertrays need to be removed.

Cavity Treatment

Many cars rust from the inside out so a treatment to the insides is a requirement. We use Dinitrol ML for this task, which is applied with a special cavity spray gun. This tool has long wand on the end which can be inserted through inspection holes, bolt holes, or any hole bigger than around 5mm diameter. The spray pattern from the end of the wand is completely spherical so it will coat every surface it is near, and the Dinitrol fluid has a capillary property so it will draw itself into cracks and gaps, to give the best possible coverage.


When the rust has gone too far drastic action is needed. The rust must be cut away and fresh metal put in its place. This is another task we can carry out and all attempts are made to make the replacement metalwork look factory.

This is the inside of an MX5 sill which is being repaired.

And the sill in fresh metal and coating in rubber guard.

And the finished article.