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Skuzzle Motorsport SM1ɛ Cappuccino ECU Bundle
Skuzzle Motorsport SM1É› Cappuccino ECU Bundle


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LUS4.2 Lambda sensor and connector:
Yes £116.80 in vat [Add £97.33]

This kit comprises of the following components:
  • Standalone ECU prepared specially for Skuzzle Motorsport by Ecumaster.
  • Crank trigger wheel setup with sensor and all mounting hardware.
  • Boost control solenoid
  • PNP wiring loom with the connectors to plug the boost solenoid and crank sensor in.
  • USB tuning lead.

    This ECU is seriously cool, it has a huge amount of very usable and stable features..
  • Fully programmable ECU
    16x20 fuel and ignition 3D tables
    Closed and open loop boost control.
    Boost by gear
    Closed loop lambda control
    Table switching
    Launch control
    Torque limiting traction control
    Gear cut for running a sequential box.
    Nitrous control
    Flex fuel
    Even a pitlane speed limiter.
    Full data logging.
    Built in wideband lambda control (requires additional Bosch LSU 4.2 sensor)
    Autotune feature for VE tables.

    We have the ability to run the engine management light properly, and operate the boost light in the cappuccino. You can change a few settings to make the boost light a shift light instead which is neat.

    Every standard function is controlled, including the solenoid control for the blow off valve, which can be programmed with the SM1ɛ to actuate under almost any condition.

    Over temperature protection so the rev limit reduces if the car overheats.
    User programmable rev limits.
    Oil pressure protection cut.

    Pre-programmed with a dyno crafted base map.

    I've probably left out loads here.

    The PNP comes wired with the most commonly used functions, which is all of the cappuccino standard features plus the terminated wiring for the boost control and the crank sensor. Some other features will work out of the box with some changes to settings while others will require additional wires installing.

    NGK BKR7E Spark Plug
    Our Price: £3.60 Inc VAT
    NGK BKR7E Spark Plug

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