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Turbo conversion
Turbo conversion


Our Price: £4,200.00 Inc VAT

Availability:: Call for details 01962 776 167

Drive in turbo options:

Call for details 01962 776 167  

Skuzzle Motorsports selected components:
Complete turbo fitting kit
Injector Dynamics 1050 cc Injectors
Boost control
In house fabricated hard pipe intercooler setup
Fitting of all parts
Mapping to the safe limit of the engine/turbo setup on our rolling road.

This is the complete hassle free turbo conversion. You drop you car in, leave it with us for a week and pick it up again with boost.
The most common version of this conversion is to use the Subaru TD04L turbo which will easily take your car to somewhere just over 200bhp. For a reliable 250bhp we also offer a hybrid version of the TD04L, which can actually be pushed to around 270bhp if required.

Customers who have had this conversion done have been amazed with the enormous doubling in performance plus improved drivability. This coupled with a fuel economy increase of up to 15mpg when used at a steady speed on the motorway makes it the ultimate conversion for both road and track cars. We run a turbo charger on our endurance race car, which we have proven is capable of competing against the best, high budget motorsport teams. In road trim, you will find that the performance you get from the conversion will make your little mazda show up a few low end supercars, and certainly almost all cars within an obtainable budget.

The basic price of this conversion is £3500+vat, based on the customer supplying a turbo and a clutch capable of the desired power level.

We can supply both of these items however for an additional cost. Prices can be seen in the drop down menu.
Suggested power levels shown in the drop down list are for safe, reliable use. We have taken all of these turbos a little further in some cases however.
The Borg Warner ERF 6258 we show as 270bhp+ as 270bhp is the absolute maximum we will take it on a stock engine, but with some light forging of the engine we are happy to wind these turbos up to around 300bhp.

If you would like to go further, with forged engine components, please call us on 01962 776 167 as we have options all of the way to 600bhp.

The safe known limit of a stock MX5 engine is quoted as 250bhp. We have found no issue up to 270bhp for road use but would advise staying closer to the 250bhp figure for track use. If you have the later SVT 1.8 engine as fitted to the Mk2.5 then we have discovered, against all other hearsay on the internet, that the connecting rods are of a different design than the earlier engines. These are not as strong as earlier models and we consider 200bhp to be the safe limit on these engines.

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